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I have as of today started the 100 Strangers project. “What is that?” I hear you ask. Well it is a project to take pictures 100 different people you don’t know to challenge yourself and hopefully improve in your photography! I’m not fond of talking to strangers though I used to talk to them in my retail life (funny that) but then I wasn’t exactly approaching them, they were coming to me!

So, after the trip to Belfast last weekend (yes, still short a post from that, will sort that shortly 🙂 ) I found my phojo but have decided that if I want to keep it, I have to expand my repertoire, challenge myself so that I don’t get bored. This is where 100 strangers comes in.

To begin with, I figured today would be a good day to start as it is Armed Forces Day and Aberdeen has a parade down Union Street. I knew that there would be plenty of people with cameras so I wouldn’t look totally out of place and there are reasons for taking photos.

I was lucky to find a fellow Team Canon member in Gary. He too shoots as a hobby and was out taking some photos of the parade. Up till now he hadn’t heard of the 100 strangers project but was happy enough for me to take his photo.

So, here he is. Thanks Gary 🙂

For more information see www.100strangers.com and www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers

Think I have just stopped shaking with nerves just now 🙂

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