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I mentioned in the last post that there was some new things in the pipeline for FurrieBoots Photies in 2015 and instagram is one of them.

I have started a profile which can be found here http://instagram.com/furriebootsphoties/ which I hope to use for sharing Sneak-Peaks and Behind the Scenes shots as well as the occasional “wow!” photos or throwbacks from my personal feed.

Here’s hoping I’ll remember which feed I’m posting from 🙂

Have a good weekend!


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Well hello there!

Sorry for being a bit quiet but the Christmas period has been quiet with the camera apart from the shoot with Little D at the start of December.

This little guy was very cute kitted out in his Kilt and Prince Charlie jacket as seen here:-



He had a lot of fun showing me the Christmas Tree and the baubles on there. I traded some time playing “Cars” on my phone (Angry Birds Go) later as a thank you 🙂

Am looking forward to 2015, hopefully with a few ideas under my belt for FurrieBoots, so keep your eyes peeled!

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But things have been going on in the background.

Firstly, let me introduce my new website that can be found at www.furrie-bootsphoties.co.uk

This is my little site where I can display my best pictures and if you wish to buy them then please do so. If there isn’t a size or format on there or you wish a framed print, then please contact me through the website on the contact page or through the Facebook page.

I have had my second wedding (no, not my own but as the photographer) more about which I will blog later on.

And lastly, as some people have seen from my personal facebook page, I will be at the Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games next month as a Clydesider so have been traipsing up and down to Glasgow for training and the like. As much as I would love to take the camera with me to document my time at Hampden, I won’t be allowed *insert sad face here* though I’ll be too busy anyway.

So hopefully in August, I can put my full attention back here to Furrie-Boots once I have recovered and be a bit more “vocal” on here 🙂

Happy Sunday!


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Yes, this is a shameless advert for my facebook page www.facebook.com/furriebootsphoties 


Looking for some more followers by the end of the 8th of April as I’m needy like that!


No really, I’m after some more love for my photos and I’m giving away a free print of one of my photos of Aberdeen or the surrounding area but only if I get the number of people who like the page to over 200.

So please mosey on down and come and have a looksee. I don’t post as often as I should and if I get more followers then I’ll have to post more, won’t I?

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Well, I have come back to the blog after a few months hiatus.

It’s been a bit quiet for furriebootsphoties this year though I have shot a 30th birthday party and a Christening in the last 4 months!

Hopefully with the New year on the way, I’ll be doing a bit more with the blog, with the facebook page and therefore the photography! Am looking into a couple of sites at the moment for selling prints etc and working out if I could do a stall somewhere!  Though, if you have something specific in mind, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Either by leaving a comment here on the blog or by emailing me at furriebootsphoties@gmail.com
I’ll be happy to discuss ideas and prices 🙂

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That I have a facebook page?

There’s a box there to the right that will take you there if you want to have a look. Please do come and have a look and like the page please 🙂


In other news, I have been a little busy with tidying up photos from the birthday party that I was at as official photographer. A bit off piste for me but it was fun, even with a limo ride while taking photos on the way into town!

Not sure what my next project will be but as a result of that and some birthday money, I have a 50mm prime lens heading in my direction. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

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