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So as some people may know (as it is now plastered all over my personal facebook page and on flickr) I was in Belfast for a long weekend with a bunch of good friends. Yes, most of them are internet weirdies but I love them all!

As I said in my last post, my phojo was lost but it was found hanging out in the bars of Belfast. I got the use of a little lens, known as a “nifty fifty” which I love and almost took home with me if I thought I could get away with it! It’s now top of my wish/christmas list along with another Vivien of Holloway dress.

This is one of the pictures I got with it on saturday night, friday night’s one didn’t turn out as well with the kit lens

Belfast City Hall

While in Belfast, I took about 800 photos, well I did have to hand over the camera to the husband or one of the other girls when I was having my photo taken on the Sunday morning. When this group of girls (in whichever configuration ends up going) gets together, it has become tradition for some of them to “Rock their Frocks” for a morning or afternoon (all dependant on weather of course) and have the others take pictures of them. In Edinburgh, we ended up jumping in the ponds in front of the Scottish Parliament building (as seen in the last post) , and in Paris (Easter 2011) where 6 ladies stopped the crowds!

Here we are in Belfast outside the Titanic Building

Titanic Sign outside of the Building

It was a fab weekend, where I caught up with old friends, made some new friends and had an absolute blast. I miss them all and can’t wait for the next meet up. Talking of which, we need a local meet up soon!

If anyone wants a look, the link to the full set is here on flickr


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I got a new camera for my birthday as some may already have seen and so I have been practicing with it with more photos to get rid of than use.

Also my phojo (like mojo but with photography in mind) has waned a little so not feeling as inspired as I have been in a while (could blame the weather as it’s been crap, but a workman should never blame his tools)

Hopefully this weekend should kick-start my phojo again as I am off to Belfast to meet up with a bunch of inspiring, if not often crazy, ladies. It was some of these ladies that that convinced me that it would be fun to parade in Edinburgh in a dress and jump in the ponds in front of the Scottish Parliament building! Thankfully I wasn’t doing it by myself as seen here.


(c) Louise Maxwell

I’m the one in purple on the right.

If the weather plays fair, I should be doing something similar on Saturday afternoon.

Well, lunchtime over. Time to go back to work. See you next week with lots of photos, I hope 🙂

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