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Another wedding coming up for FurrieBoots and this time we are heading to Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

This Art Deco Building is a favourite of mine in Aberdeen and holds some good memories of Blues Awards Balls for Robert Gordon University.

Sunset on the Beach

This was taken a couple of years ago at low tide, I wasn’t out there in my wellies! I’d love to revisit this to see if I can improve on it. This is a bit harder now I am based in Newmachar.

I was visiting on Monday to go over the wedding that I will be shooting there in a few weeks and meeting with the couple that I am working for. The weather on Monday was fab if a little chilly, now just for it to be fine in June and not as cold!

A few larger blogs to come, but just now there have been a couple of little ones to let you know that I am still here… just not blogging as much as I should!


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Spincycle by ChristopherRenfro
Spincycle, a photo by ChristopherRenfro on Flickr.

I want to have a go at this!

As seen in The Weekly Flickr Blog here:-


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So this last week has been a little different to the norm as I was only at work for 2 days! What a nice feeling. We were off for the husband’s birthday on Wednesday. It wasn’t a special (one that ends in zero) one so it was nice to just to be off and chill. We went out for food, then to the cinema to see The Bourne Legacy and then we ended up in an old haunt of¬†ours, the Siberian Vodka bar (But it has always been known as the Wodka Bar) where they have 39 different flavours of homemade vodka ūüôā

From top to bottom:-

Butterscotch, Strawberry, Mango and Cherry.

After a few low points in the week tempered with some high ones, the end of the week ended on a high (Thank Goodness!)

If I have been feeling low or have been thinking about one thing far too much, then a walk down the beach is really good for clearing my head so I headed down there on Friday evening. The weather had been really bad during the day, wet and wild and misty but by the end of the day it had cleared so I took a chance to go out to the beach and I was so pleased that I took the camera with me.

The tide was really quite low and it was nice to get right out on the beach for a slightly different viewpoint of the beach front.

There was a film of water on the sand, I’m not standing in the middle of the water!

It was so pretty out there, and there were some people who I wish were there to share it with me, they know how they are and why.

Here’s a couple more pictures from last night.

Hope that you have all had a good week, and for those that haven’t, here’s a hug from me. You deserve it!

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While in Belfast this past weekend, I realised that now I have the “Big Camera” I need to push my boundaries and learn about other areas of photography other than landscapes and still life/macro styles. So, starting tomorrow, I am going out and doing something a little different for me.

So watch this space and hopefully I’ll have some results soon!

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So as some people may know (as it is now plastered all over my personal facebook page and on flickr) I was in Belfast for a long weekend with a bunch of good friends. Yes, most of them are internet weirdies but I love them all!

As I said in my last post, my phojo was lost but it was found hanging out in the bars of Belfast. I got the use of a little lens, known as a “nifty fifty” which I love and almost took home with me if I thought I could get away with it! It’s now top of my wish/christmas list along with another Vivien of Holloway dress.

This is one of the pictures I got with it on saturday night, friday night’s one didn’t turn out as well with the kit lens

Belfast City Hall

While in Belfast, I took about 800 photos, well I did have to hand over the camera to the husband or one of the other girls when I was having my photo taken on the Sunday morning. When this group of girls (in whichever configuration ends up going) gets together, it has become tradition for some of them to “Rock their Frocks” for a morning or afternoon (all dependant on weather of course) and have the others take pictures of them. In Edinburgh, we ended up jumping in the ponds in front of the Scottish Parliament building (as seen in the last post) , and in Paris (Easter 2011) where 6 ladies stopped the crowds!

Here we are in Belfast outside the Titanic Building

Titanic Sign outside of the Building

It was a fab weekend, where I caught up with old friends, made some new friends and had an absolute blast. I miss them all and can’t wait for the next meet up. Talking of which, we need a local meet up soon!

If anyone wants a look, the link to the full set is here on flickr


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Saturday was interesting to say the least. I went out to look at one DSLR and the sales guy put another two in to the ring. If you heard a funny noise in Aberdeen yesterday afternoon, it was my head exploding with having my mind expanded with other options. I don’t do too well with that. Think I have come back to my original decision but I¬†reserve¬†the right to change my mind again!

After looking at cameras, I went to St Nicholas Graveyard in the centre of town. It’s one of the few green parts of town and it’s my local “bluebell wood”.

And as you can see, you don’t just get blue bluebells but pink and sometimes white ones too here. I do wish that they weren’t in patches and carpeted the ground a bit more but being a graveyard in the middle of town, patches will have to do!

The weather is still looking good, I may go back out and take some more photos this afternoon.

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So, this was a weekend of contrasts, cold and foggy with the haar hanging around like a bored teenager on Saturday. While the sun got his hat on and came out to play on Sunday.

I went out on Saturday evening to take some moody black & white shots, but the mist thinned out as I left the flat (typically!) but it didn’t deter me and so I got some¬†night-time¬†shots in.


Sunday started off hazy but the sun won the day and it was really summery, but yes, it is March! I went out to see what I could see for photo opportunities. I thought about going down to the beach but as I guessed, it was busy so decided to see if I could find any cherry blossom out.

I heard rumours (and seen a photo on Facebook) that it was out already but my usual models were being stubborn and were  not showing any sign of budding let alone flowering! Wonder if they were sulking after the brutal pruning they got last year?

I found the trees that were flowering near St.Mary’s¬†Cathedral¬†in the centre of town and was in the middle of taking pictures when I heard a screech that was not one of the seagulls that had been a racket as normal. I have heard this screaming before, not a little child who was not getting their way but it was a bird of prey, a peregrine.

She was a little far away to see clearly but this is what I managed to take.

And this was where she was (at least I think it was female)

It’s not the first time I have seen the peregrines out around Aberdeen and I am currently following their Manchester Cousins on Flickr and Twitter. As seen here¬†http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcrperegrines/¬†and¬†https://twitter.com/#!/mcrperegrines

Though if you want to see something closer to Aberdeen, there is the Peregrine watch up at Huntly were they have a hide with binoculars and a cctv and staff on hand to explain what is going on. More is explained here http://www.forestry.gov.uk/huntlyperegrines

So, it’s not just pigeons, seagulls and the neighbours’ cat that you can see in town, you just need to keep your eyes and ears open. What will you see???

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