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All about me

In the MirrorHere’s me, well almost!

In a bid to blog a bit more, here’s 10 facts about me that some of you may not have known…

  1. My first proper job was as a bookseller for Dillons the Bookstore of a Saturday and occasional Sunday. I miss that job!
  2. I have also done Room Servicing (aka cleaning hotel rooms), checkout operator, Silver Service Waitress though have lost the knack of serving with the spoons, and deputy manager of a tea & coffee retailer.
  3. I have shot and lost against Olympic level archers at Head-to-Head competitions.
  4. As well as photography, I dabble with other crafts too, mostly crochet. Knitting and I don’t agree though.
  5. I was a volunteer at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014, known as a Clydesider. If I could go and volunteer at the Birmingham Games in 2022 I would.
  6. If I had the time, I would love to have a dog.
  7. When at School, I was involved in the School Show which we took to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh for a week’s run.
  8. I was also a member of the Linlithgow Players, an amateur Dramatics Group, where I was mostly Chorus or Behind the Scenes (or both).
  9. I have waded in the ponds in a dress in front of the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh in the name of photography and fun doing it!
  10. I’d like to do Route 66 in America as a road trip, but need a serious lotto win for that!

So, now you know a little more about me. Have you got a fun fact about yourself that you would like to share?

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Another wedding coming up for FurrieBoots and this time we are heading to Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.

This Art Deco Building is a favourite of mine in Aberdeen and holds some good memories of Blues Awards Balls for Robert Gordon University.

Sunset on the Beach

This was taken a couple of years ago at low tide, I wasn’t out there in my wellies! I’d love to revisit this to see if I can improve on it. This is a bit harder now I am based in Newmachar.

I was visiting on Monday to go over the wedding that I will be shooting there in a few weeks and meeting with the couple that I am working for. The weather on Monday was fab if a little chilly, now just for it to be fine in June and not as cold!

A few larger blogs to come, but just now there have been a couple of little ones to let you know that I am still here… just not blogging as much as I should!


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Am Back!




A quick note to say hello, and to tell you that I’m back taking photos when I can.

Am currently trying to get the website up to date. A website you say? Yes, www.furrie-bootsphoties.co.uk where you can purchase prints and canvases currently. I can get other items printed through my printers so please get in touch.

If you want a mini-shoot for either Christmas Presents or memories for the wall, then give me a shout. I will be working out package details shortly.

Can’t decide what to get, then how about a gift voucher? Any denomination you like or tailored to fit what you would like to gift, posted to yourself or directly to your recipient with a personalised message included.

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I mentioned in the last post that there was some new things in the pipeline for FurrieBoots Photies in 2015 and instagram is one of them.

I have started a profile which can be found here http://instagram.com/furriebootsphoties/ which I hope to use for sharing Sneak-Peaks and Behind the Scenes shots as well as the occasional “wow!” photos or throwbacks from my personal feed.

Here’s hoping I’ll remember which feed I’m posting from 🙂

Have a good weekend!


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“Why?” I hear you ask. Well it seems Facebook are looking to start charging those of us who run a “like” page so that we are “seen” by more of those who “like” our pages. If we don’t cough up then less of you will see what I am up to (not much of late but was hoping that the New Year would be a fresh start)

I’m thinking that I will have to blog more but not sure how many of you will sign up for that. Suppose I’d better set up the mail chimp and see how it goes.

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Belton House as you wouldn’t quite normally get to see it, even me as I been in places that the general public don’t usually get to see. A fab little film, that makes me want a go of one of these with the DSLR!

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There are new things in the pipelines for Furrie-Boots Photies for 2014.

Stay tuned to see what they are!

Much Love


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