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So, this was a weekend of contrasts, cold and foggy with the haar hanging around like a bored teenager on Saturday. While the sun got his hat on and came out to play on Sunday.

I went out on Saturday evening to take some moody black & white shots, but the mist thinned out as I left the flat (typically!) but it didn’t deter me and so I got some night-time shots in.


Sunday started off hazy but the sun won the day and it was really summery, but yes, it is March! I went out to see what I could see for photo opportunities. I thought about going down to the beach but as I guessed, it was busy so decided to see if I could find any cherry blossom out.

I heard rumours (and seen a photo on Facebook) that it was out already but my usual models were being stubborn and were  not showing any sign of budding let alone flowering! Wonder if they were sulking after the brutal pruning they got last year?

I found the trees that were flowering near St.Mary’s Cathedral in the centre of town and was in the middle of taking pictures when I heard a screech that was not one of the seagulls that had been a racket as normal. I have heard this screaming before, not a little child who was not getting their way but it was a bird of prey, a peregrine.

She was a little far away to see clearly but this is what I managed to take.

And this was where she was (at least I think it was female)

It’s not the first time I have seen the peregrines out around Aberdeen and I am currently following their Manchester Cousins on Flickr and Twitter. As seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcrperegrines/ and https://twitter.com/#!/mcrperegrines

Though if you want to see something closer to Aberdeen, there is the Peregrine watch up at Huntly were they have a hide with binoculars and a cctv and staff on hand to explain what is going on. More is explained here http://www.forestry.gov.uk/huntlyperegrines

So, it’s not just pigeons, seagulls and the neighbours’ cat that you can see in town, you just need to keep your eyes and ears open. What will you see???

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