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Yes, this is a shameless advert for my facebook page www.facebook.com/furriebootsphotiesĀ 


Looking for some more followers by the end of the 8th of April as I’m needy like that!


No really, I’m after some more love for my photos and I’m giving away a free print of one of my photos of Aberdeen or the surrounding area but only if I get the number of people who like the page to over 200.

So please mosey on down and come and have a looksee. I don’t post as often as I should and if I get more followers then I’ll have to post more, won’t I?

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Spincycle by ChristopherRenfro
Spincycle, a photo by ChristopherRenfro on Flickr.

I want to have a go at this!

As seen in The Weekly Flickr Blog here:-


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Saturday was interesting to say the least. I went out to look at one DSLR and the sales guy put another two in to the ring. If you heard a funny noise in Aberdeen yesterday afternoon, it was my head exploding with having my mind expanded with other options. I don’t do too well with that. Think I have come back to my original decision but IĀ reserveĀ the right to change my mind again!

After looking at cameras, I went to St Nicholas Graveyard in the centre of town. It’s one of the few green parts of town and it’s my local “bluebell wood”.

And as you can see, you don’t just get blue bluebells but pink and sometimes white ones too here. I do wish that they weren’t in patches and carpeted the ground a bit more but being a graveyard in the middle of town, patches will have to do!

The weather is still looking good, I may go back out and take some more photos this afternoon.

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Well, some people have expressed an interest in my photos and have said that they would like to buy some. Which got me thinking, what about selling them to others (who don’t know me) so here I am. Just starting with the blog and the Facebook page.

So, take a look at my photos and contact me if you want a print, canvas, postcard or anything else that involves my photos! Please do ask for permission as it’s only fair!

This is just a selection of the photos that I have taken so far, I will be adding to the album as I go.

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